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What is STORMS ?

STORMS (Solar Terrestrial ObseRvations and Modeling Service) is a public service providing tools and data to the scientific community:

  • to perform studies in heliophysics and space weather;
  • to study and model the influence of solar activity on the geospace environment, as well as on planets or any other solar system bodies (comets, asteroids, spacecraft, …);

 Credit Nasa

STORMS is strongly supported by the CDPP (French National Data Centre for Space Plasmas) and benefits from ongoing collaborations with the MEDOC (French National Data Centre for Solar Physics ).

STORMS participates in the working group (MADAWG) preparing the tools and infrastructure for analysis the Solar Orbiter data.

STORMS is a participant of the HELCATS projects of the European Union (

STORMS is a labeled service of the INSU in the “Services d'Observation” SO5 (Centres de traitement, d’archivage et de diffusion de données) and SO6 (“Surveillance du Soleil et de l'environnement spatial de la Terre”). STORMS is part of OV-GSO ( and particpates in both National Thematic Poles for Plasma Physics and Solar Physics.

STORMS is supported by CNES and CNRS.

The Sun…

The interplanetary medium…

The Earth…
 Credit Nasa
The planets and other bodies…
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